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 "Romantic Cameo Jewelry" has been popular through the ages. It has been made from all types of material such as: lava-rock, shell, hard-stone, gem-stone and almost any material available. Intricately hand-carved with fine detail are the most desirable. Settings had less value than the cameo they held. The carvers workmanship was the important factor, along with some value added for the subject depicted on the Cameo. 




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Vintage Ornate Glass Costume Cameo Pendant

Price $95.00  Item # 29-8675

A lovely large citrine colored glass Cameo pendant. Poured glass is molded in raised relief. Set in an ornate Victorian style frame. Very pretty lady, this is most likely from c.1950s-60s. It is large and Measures approx. 2 1/4" high x 1 3/4" wide.



 Avon Cameo Brooch c.1970s

Price $28.00  Item # 29-5458

This opens and has a compartment to put perfume. It is a molded plastic in a raised relief. Gold-tone fancy Victorian Frame. Has a safety catch pin closure,  approx. 2" high x 1 5/8" wide. 


 Weiss signed Cameo Brooch Pendant "Cameo Ball 1958"

Price $135.00  Item # 29-1984 

I searched web for another one like this cameo brooch-pendant. It is signed (Cameo Ball 1958 M. Weiss). Michael is the son of Albert Weiss. It must be a rare piece. I could not find another one like it. It is set in fancy gold-filled metal frame which has a filigree style with four floral motifs. Cameo appears to be white shell and a pale clay brown color stone? It has an unusual fold down bail to wear it as a pendant. Sturdy safety catch brooch closure, approx. 1 1/4" high 1 1/8" wide.

Costume Cameo Swag Necklace

Price $55.00  Item # 29-7659 

This is a swag style necklace with a cameo pendant which appears to be a molded type of plastic. Attractive looking piece. Measures approx. 17" end to end. Has three gold tone chains and spring-ring clasp. Cameo approx 1 5/8" x 1 1/4".


Costume Cameo Brooch Ornate Frame

Price $35.00  Item # 29-6654 

Ornate frame is Victorian in style. Cameo is a type of molded plastic. Has faux pearls around the cameo. Measures approx. 1 5/8" high x 1 3/8" wide. Stamped filigree back with safety catch pin closure. Heavy for its size.


Glass Pendant Necklace "Archer" Cameo Style 

Price $35.00   Item #29-8855

Black glass with gold transfer print of an Archer shooting his bow. Sign of Sagittarius. Silver tone metal frame and a long chain. The beaded metal frame is approx. 2" x 1 1/2".


Pendant-Brooch Combo Necklace Victorian Style

Price $40.00 Item # 29-7659 

This can also be worn as a brooch. It has a spring-ring pin closure. Courting Couple Ornate silver-tone Victorian Style Frame and chain. Has a long chain and the cameo is a transfer print of courting couple from 18th century on what appears to be milk glass. Large this measures approx. 2 1/8" high x 1 3/4" wide.


 Goldette Vintage Cameo Brooch

Price $22.00  Item # 29-4345 

Signed Goldette with R in circle. Antique gold-tone finish frame with a small appears to be a shell cameo in the center. There are faux turquoise beads and faux pearls set in around the scalloped edge. Measures approx. 1-3/8".  Has safety catch pin closure.



Blue & White Cameo Locket Necklace

Price $45.00  Item # 29-3342

Set in ornate gold-washed metal frame. Has gold-tone chain with spring ring clasp. Pretty vintage plastic cameo locket will hold two pictures. Measures approx. 1 1/8" high x 7/8" wide.



White Stone Cameo Brooch-Pendant

Price $75.00  Item # 29-3429

I am not a gemologist so I cannot say what the white stone is in this cameo. Has a smooth feel to it like marble. The carving pictures two young women around a bust sitting upon a pedestal. He is a Greek or Roman looking man. One is holding what looks like a garland wreath and she is kneeling. The other is on tip toes arms around the neck of the bust. The gold-tone metal frame is a stamped filigree on back side. Front side gold-tone metal has antique finish. The stone is held by a fancy claw setting. Has a bail for necklace chain. Also, has a one piece safety catch pin closure. Over all it measures approx. 1 11/16" high x 1 1/4" wide. Two Pictures below.


Plastic Cameo Brooch Vintage c.1950s-60s

Price $29.00  Item # 29-9321

Measures approx. 1 7/8" high x 1 1/2" wide. Set in gold-tone frame. It is made in a raised relief. The bust of lady is a cream color. Safety catch pin closure extends a little past the frame.


Glass Cameo Brooch Vintage 

Price $85.00  Item #29-7744

 This cameo is very pretty set in gold-tone Victorian looking frame.

The glass is a silvery black color. Has a safety catch pin closure which looks

to be its second one. I see where original one was at some point in time. Measures approx. 2".



Cameo Portrait Scene 

Price $19.00  Item #  29-6756

This is a transfer print on a type of milk glass porcelain.

Looks to be newer piece. Measures approx. 2 1/4" wide x 1 1/2" high. 

Gold-tone frame and safety catch pin closure.



 Vintage Cameo Brooch c.1950s-60s

Price $49.00  Item #29-7564

Bust of a Pretty Lady with string of pearls on her neck. Cameo is some type of porcelain. Set in an ornate gold-tone frame with a safety catch pin closure. Measures approx. 1 7/8" high x 1 9/16" wide. This one curves and raises up in frame. A pretty brooch. Two pictures below.


Vintage Cameo Brooch

Price $55.00 Item # 29-7862

This cameo is in a twisted rope 22k hollow gold-plated frame. Cameo depicts a very attractive lady with flowers in her hair.  It appears to be molded glass? Pin closure is just c type. Measures approx. 2' high x 1 1/2" wide. Two pictures below.



Cameo Scene of Two Lovers

Price $85.00  Item # 29-4422

These two ancient lovers are possibly a hardstone or shell cameo? A hot pin did not penetrate the material. (I ruled out plastic or resin). The frame is a gold-tone metal. Has a safety catch pin closure. Extends slightly beyond catch. Overall size measures approx. 1 7/8." Cameo is in raised relief and convexed in areas. Two pictures below.



Cameo Brooch Scene Angels Silver Frame

Price $90.00  Item # 29-6539

The frame on this cameo is a twisted rope tested silver. The hard stone cameo depicts two child-like angels handing things to a woman. In raised relief and has convexed areas. Brooch measures approx. 1 5/8" round. Has a safety catch pin closure which is silver-tone color (not silver).


HUGE Ceramic Transfer Print Portrait Pendant

Price $38.00  Item # 29-6667 

This is huge it measures approx. 3 3/4" x 2 3/4" and weighs almost 4 oz. 24K gold-plated. by the weight of this piece the base metal must be "CEMENT." (sorry I couldn't resist a little humor here).