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Miriam Haskell Necklace c.1940


Approx. 22 1/2" end to end you wear it with flower in the front. Flower approx. 1 1/8" across. Double strand vintage classic unsigned early Miriam Haskell necklace. The Faux Pearls are in very nice Vintage condition no peeling, heavy and knotted between each pearl. A pretty creamy white in color. Minor metal loss on back of flower medallion. His tiny hand wired seed pearls with rose montees in the center flower medallion.




Deco Faux Pearl necklace c.1940's

  Large Rhinestone Deco Clasp 5 strands

Price $80.00  Item # 26-1818

Measures approx. 14 1/2" across top strand. Choker style with pretty deco rhinestone clasp. Very Nice Vintage Condition. The art deco clasp in silver tone metal on back side shows light wear. Stones have a lot of sparkle left. A few not as bright. One strand string is stretched tiny bit by the clasp. This is c.1940's and the pearls still have a wonderful cream colored luster. Hidden push clasp works fine.



Hematite Necklace Fringed Bib

Price $40.00  Item #26-0605

Gorgeous Fringe Bib style Hematite and 2 small fresh water pearl accents. Measures approx. 16 1/2" end to end. Has a barrel clasp. You will love it.


Extremely colorful faux pearls on silver tone chunky chain.

Has a heavy duty lobster style clasp.

Measures approx. 17" end to end.


Price $28.00       Item # 26-439



Colorful Chunky Glass Bead Necklace c.1970s

Price $55.00  Item # 26-1118

Strung on a double string cord with barrel clasp closure. Beads are hand cut

and colorful like candy. It measures approx. 20 1/2" end to end. Very Unique looking.





Vintage Black with Amber Color Glass Bead Necklace

Price  $39.00  Item # 26-6666 

This has small spacers between each bead and hangs about 20"

when worn. No clasp slip over head flapper style.



Vintage Colorful Art Glass Bead Necklace

Price $65.00  Item # 26-0990

Colorful Vintage art glass necklace. Strung on a double string

cord and has a lobster clasp. Measures approx. 24" long. There are

six old silver tone bead spacers. The large striped center glass

bead is the size of a large grape about 3/4".




Vintage Multi Colored Agate Stone Bead Necklace

Price $ 55.00 Item # 26-0003 

Very colorful vintage agate necklace. Strung on nylon line

with brass spacers and a barrel brass clasp. Measures

approx. 24 12" long end to end. Largest bead

about 5/8" smallest one near clasp about 3/8".






Long Flapper Days Necklace

Glass & Faux Pearls

Beaded Necklace c.1920's

Price $75.00  Item # 26-0001


Measures approx. 50" end to end. Has spring ring clasp.

Small glass spacers between each glass bead.








Antique Three Strand Gilt-Brass Beaded Necklace

Price $145.00 Item # 26-7563

The metal beads and findings look to be brass with an old gilt finish?

(Note > A magnet does not stick to any part of this necklace).

Has three strands strung on cord string. All original findings.

Top strand measures approx. 17" from hook closure

to beaded chain end. Beads are size of small peas.





Spectacular Vintage Faux Pearl Necklace c.1950s 

Price $95.00  Item # 26-3256

Three strands with such pretty colors. I would say they are pearly charcoal gray, a really pale pearly champagne and a matte mauve taupe like color. Made well a with large faux pearls that are about the size of (fruit- purple grapes graduating down to pea size). Has small pearl spaces and middle section has large crystals with small crystal spacers. Signed Japan on the hook clasp. Measures approx. 16 1/2" across top stand end to end. A choker style. Two pictures below.







Pretty 4 Stand Colorful Faux Pearl Necklace c.1950s-60s

Price $45.00 Item # 26-4448 

Four colors make up this Vintage signed Japan pretty

faux pearl necklace. The beads are glass and it measures

approx. end to end 16". Great summer colors. Three pictures below.




Two Strand Vintage Glass Bead Necklace c.1940s-50s

Price $30.00  Item  #26-3212 

Japan signed on clasp strung on string with glass beads. This one is

great look for summer. Choker style it measures approx. 17" clasp end to end.





Vintage 4 Strand Glass Faux Pearl and Crystal Necklace c.1920s-30s

Price $165.00  Item # 26-9853

 Four strands of glass faux pearls with gold-filled filigree capped topaz colored glass crystals. Has small amber glass seed bead spacers. This Vintage necklace is signed Germany. Lays nice about mid-neckline. Note** Pieces of jewelry marked "Germany" will have been made prior to World War II (unless it is brand new and post re-unification). If the mark is "West or Western Germany" this dates the piece of jewelry to after 1946 (when Germany split into east and west).  Measures approx. 18" end to end. Three pictures below.




Vintage Three Strand Faux Pearls & Glass Necklace

Price $95.00  Item # 26-9646

This is a gorgeous necklace. Unsigned but most definitely was made by a quality company. Has small brass spacers between each bead. The clasp construction is very sturdy and unusual for this type of necklace. End cap of each top pearl run through a heavy duty gold-tone ring and are capped by metal end cap. You will love it. Hangs about mid-neck line. Approx. 20" end end. Beads range in size from (green grapes to pea size).




Vintage Glass Bead Necklace 16 Strands c.1930s-40s

Price $35.00  Item # 26-9807 

15 strands strung on string cord. Measures approx. 20" end to end.






Clear Glass Bead Necklace 

Price $39.00  Item # 26-9986

Measures 20 " end to end. Clear glass beads on thick

silver-tone chain with heavy duty lobster clasp closure.

The beads are about the size of a large pea. Two pictures below.





Colorful Glass Bead Necklace

Price $30.00 Item # 26-4947 

This one is a three strand glass necklace.

Very colorful with a hook and ring clasp.

Strung on a string cord. Measures

approx. 23 1/2" end to end.




Pale Angel Skin Colored Stone Vintage Necklace

Price $45.00  Item # 26-0007 

Sorry I do not know what this stone is? Colors are a

very pale pink like angel skin. Measures approx 25"

end to end. Has brass bead spacers and brass barrel clasp.





Flapper Style Glass Necklace 

​SOLD Item #26-0007 

Measures 48" long. Knotted between each bead and strung on cord.

Has a spring ring clasp. Beads are either glass or maybe an agate?